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Universal Studios Hollywood - Super Nintendo World

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Everything you need to know on your visit to the New Super Nintendo World in LA.

Super Nintendo World Early Access

1 Early Access Pass. Can buy through Universal website for around $20. Gives you early access to Nintendo World only. When you arrive, there is a separate line for entry so don’t get in the regular line because ppl will be there early to get into the actual park. You will head straight back to Nintendo World down the escalators. We got in to Bowser’s ride with no wait time. Later on in the day it was a 280+ min wait time.

2 Power Up Bands. You can buy Mario bands in the park or in city walk. You link them to the universal app and can keep track of all your coins/points from mario land. Bands can be a little pricey at $40 if you have a large group. They come in a wide range of characters from Mario to Daisy. Its pretty easy to link to the app but downloading the app and creating an account can be time consuming so I’d advise buying in citywalk and synching before you enter the park. There are multiple games and ways to collect coins throughout mario world and the bands synch to the ride as well

3 Studio Tour. Don’t overlook the studio tour. While it’s not really advertised as a ride, it is well worth the wait time. If you get make this one of your first stops, there usually isn’t a wait. Getting to experience different special effects as well as prominent cars/sets from well known movies. Also there are two rides, King Kong and Fast and the Furious, incorporated into the tour. You do ride on an open air tram. Sit close to the front and on the ends for the best experience.

4 Clothing. Universal is split into two levels separated by several escalators that take you back and forth from lower lot to upper lot. Wear comfortable shoes as with any theme park. You can bring a bag in and most rides don’t require you to put stuff in a locker. We took in our bag with portable chargers and a few water bottles. There are a few stroller parking areas but not as many as Disney. The weather is definitely more enjoyable than the heat of Orlando.

5 Food. Several places to eat with a wide range or options and prices. Toadstool Café is a must but you would need to try to snag a reservation early in the day. Randy’s doughnuts are my fav sweet snack and the Jurassic Café has a chicken bowl that’s a nice healthy option for theme park food.

Top 10 Rides and Attractions at Universal Studios Los Angeles

1 Bowsers Challenge - Super Nintendo World

2 Jurassic World at Hollywood

3 Revenge of The Mummy

4 Studio Tour

5 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Wizarding World

6 Transformers 3D

7 Waterworld Show

8 Simpsons Ride

9 Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

10 Secret Life of Pets

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